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Myths related to the real estate industry, investment and property valuation

It is a quite real fact that investing money in real estate is riskier. But some people avoid investing money in real estate just because of popular misconceptions. To ensure that you don’t fall into that trap and to make

Keynotes to remember while buying a home

Buying a home is like dream comes true for many people. But handling that tag of the ‘homeowner’ is not that easy. It comes with tremendous responsibility. And one should be aware of that role and responsibility otherwise decision of

Decor your yard or patio to utilise your home’s outside space

We all focus so much to spruce up the interior of our homes but we often forgot to decorate our yards which increases the curb appeal of our homes. Most of the time we feel our patio and yards are

How to become a good tenant

Look at the homeowner’s side it is quite difficult to choose the best tenant among the applicants. As you are putting your home on rent you want the one who not only pays you rent on time but also possess

Elements that construct the commercial property valuation report

Commercial property is the one which is used for the making money, from where the businesses run to earn profits. The cost of the commercial property is always higher than the residential property, though both the properties are in the

Home valuations: What no one is talking about

The only way to get the right price of your home on selling is to ensure your home priced flawlessly. It is vital to understand that your property price and value are the two different concepts. The value estimated for

Know how to overcome from property fears which keeps you away from buying a new property

Buying a new home or a property is a big task. As a huge amount of money is involved in it and so the risk factor is high. This creates fear in the minds of the people. Cause spending the

Know why commercial property returns are high as compare to residential property

You might have heard a lot that – real estate property investment gives good returns. In this property valuers can help you to find the property valuations. But the question arises – in which property type we should invest to

Property Valuations: It’s not as easy as you think

Property valuation service, sometimes it is a need, sometimes it is want and sometimes it is an urgent requirement. What so ever is your reason of having property valuation services, you should know that – it is not that easy

What is the difference between residential & commercial property valuation.

The undeniable fact. Every property is different and used for various needs. Generally the properties are bifurcated in two ways commercial building and non-commercial building(residential buildings). The property valuation estimation procedure for these two can be different. Firstly, let us