What is the difference between residential & commercial property valuation.

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The undeniable fact. Every property is different and used for various needs. Generally the properties are bifurcated in two ways commercial building and non-commercial building(residential buildings). The property valuation estimation procedure for these two can be different.

Firstly, let us explain the -

What do you mean by commercial buildings?
The buildings that are occupied for business purposes i.e warehouses, hotels, offices, restaurants, clinics, retail buildings etc. in short the buildings used for money making purposes are known as commercial buildings.

What know about residential buildings?
The buildings that is used for residential purposes like house, multi-storey, rental property etc. is known as residential building.

Know why the methods to evaluate these buildings valuation varies -
The value of both the buildings varies because commercial property and residential property are different in their own. They are being used for different purposes. So, there are some aspects that makes their valuation different in spite of having same size and location.

SIZE - The size of the land is the first aspect of valuation. If the two lands of same size and in same area and one used for commercial purpose and second is for residential purpose than the land used for commercial purpose cost more than residential purpose.

LOCATION - The nearby surrounding areas matters a lot while taking any kind of land into consideration. The commercial land has its own importance should be easily reachable and exposed to targeted clients. While residential building should be near daily requirements like market, transportation etc.

INFRASTRUCTURE - This is something more important for the commercial buildings rather than residential buildings. Infrastructure includes maintenance cost too. Remember that property value drops down when the maintenance cost are high.

MONEY - It is the vital element among all. It is the ability of the building (commercial and non-commercial both) to make money.The fact is commercial buildings generates more money than residential buildings. Though residential buildings also generates income, but very less in comparison to commercial buildings.

The major question that arises in the minds of people is -

Is there any difference in cost of valuation of these two types of property?

Yes. The real estate valuation depends on property type, size, property valuation requirement, geographical location, market condition at the time of evaluation, total area, construction building type and more. So when it comes to compare and evaluate the property’s worth then it becomes difficult to determine the property valuation cost. And along with this it is also difficult for the companies like property valuation Adelaide to fix the valuation cost of any house or property, cause of difference in properties & its valuation requirements.

Here the need of the best real estate valuation company in adelaide arises like property valuation Adelaide. Who provides professional property valuation services at reasonable cost. Your real estate valuer should be potent enough to find the right market value of your home or property at affordable price.

Yes, you have to pay the reasonable amount or fees to the professionals for doing your property valuation. For this hire a company who works for the clients at reasonable cost is a good idea.

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