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Valuations SA is the leading valuation company in South Australia and has been providing highly detailed valuations to businesses and interested parties since 1997. Valuations SA only employs Business Valuers that individually have over 20 years of valuation experience and are Chartered Accountants (CA) or Chartered Practising Accountants (CPA).

A business valuation is an assessment to calculate the saleable value of a business and is calculated by using a set of tools and methods. A business valuation will include comprehensive information about the business.

Our South Australian Business Valuers will assess everything that may impact the value of a business including:
the business’s financial records and accounting books; the industry that the business operates in; the current market conditions; the current economic conditions; the business’s assets for example buildings and operating equipment; the cost to replace the equipment.

Valuations SA Business Valuers will also review intangible business assets such as the business’s reputation, the location and intellectual property.

Before your business is valued you should prepare information that may impact the outcome of your business valuation such as: bank statements containing details of earnings; debts; annual turnover and profit/loss statements; details of your physical assets such as buildings, equipment or stock; legal documents such as business registration details, business licences and any other papers required for government compliance purposes.

It will be helpful for Valuations SA if you prepare business profile information before the Valuer assesses the value of your business.

By compiling all of this information, the valuer will get a better picture of what your business is truly worth. The Valuer will use proven business valuation methodology and then calculate the true value of the business.

An independent Business Valuer will analyse the facts and figures of your business, so you will know the true value of the business and can plan for the future.

Before you buy a business it’s in your best interests to get the business valued so you don’t pay more than it’s worth. Our independent Valuers will determine the fair market value based on the business information.

You may already have a rough idea of what your business is worth but it’s still helpful to get a business valuation before you sell it. Doing so will give you more leverage when negotiating the price you sell it for. We value all types of businesses including, but not limited to: Retail businesses; Accounting firms; Transport businesses; Medical practices; Law firms; Accommodation businesses including motels and hotels; Hospitality businesses such as cafes and restaurants; IT businesses.

Our Business Valuers prepare valuation reports that are accepted by every government agency and courts all around Australia.

If you would like to arrange a business valuation with one of our Business Valuers then give us a call on (08) 7078 3538.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations SA and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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