Plant & Machinery

Here at Valuations SA we are ready to help you with all your plant and machinery valuation needs. All our valuers are certified by the Australian Property Institute (API) and each one of our valuers are qualified professionals with over 20 years experience behind them. We are South Australia’s expert plant and machinery valuation team

The team at Valuations SA are passionate about working with you and your specific needs. We listen to you to make sure that your time and money is not put to waste. We ensure that you get the certified report that has the extensive knowledge and research related to your plant and machinery purposes, we ensure our valuers will complete the reports in a timely manner from the day of inspection.

We have years of experience with a wide variety of clients. We work with plants and machinery both big and small. So whether your valuation is in the thousands or millions we are the best team in South Australia.

Our comprehensive and certified reports are recognized by any legal body and can be suited for a variety of official reasons. Our name is trusted in South Australia.

What does a Plant and Machinery Valuation Entail?

The majority of our valuations are based on an itemised list of your plant and machinery assets. This list will include all your assets that are to be valued and should be detailed down with the make and model.

By using this precise level of information we are able to calculate a value that can be relied on. For example we know that not all tractors are built (or valued) equally. By zeroing in on specifics all our reports are calculated to the highest level of exactness.

Depending on your needs we can provide more than just an itemised list of all your assets current values. We are able to calculate your plant and machinery valuation as it would have been at a past date, or how your valuation would be affected based on a buyer's objectives.

Do I Need a Plant and Machinery Valuation?

You might think that you know how much your plant and machinery is worth but for most uses this is not enough. For most official needs whether insurance, loans or many more you will need an official valuation performed.

Our team is ready to listen to you and your specific needs. We create a detailed and certified report that can be used in many situations. Just let us know why you need this valuation and after collecting all relevant information and assigning an independent valuer to you, we can have your report ready in as little as 5-7 business days from the day of inspection.

Why Can I Trust the Plant and Machinery Valuations done by Valuations SA?

Our valuation team has completed a tertiary education in property and a two year traineeship, it takes on average six years of training for our valuers to reach the level of professionalism and knowledge that we expect. At the end of this process our valuers are then certified by the Australian Property Institute (API) and ensure we only employ valuers that are qualified and have over 20 years experience in their specialised field within the industry.

On top of this each of our valuers are ready to work with you and your specific plant and valuation needs. We perform comprehensive and detailed investigations to determine the true value of your business plant and machinery purposes. After this process you will receive a detailed and certified report of our findings.

How do I Get in Touch with Valuations SA and Start the Valuation Process?

All you need to do is contact us at (08) 7078 3538. One of our team members will collect some details on your plant and machinery requirements and give you a compatible quote. We will then find the best independent valuer for your situation that is local to your area to complete the inspection and provide you with a detailed report in as little as 5-7 business days from the day of inspection.