Do’s and Dont’s of DIY when remodelling or decorating your home

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When you are planning to buy a home then make sure to understand the real estate property market well, your budget and your requirement. Then only you should compare the options available to you. Look you have to make prudent decisions as buying a home is fulfilling your dream. You can hire a residential property valuer to guide you regarding the property matters. The residential property valuers understand the real estate property market well.

First understand for what you are buying a home - For your own use, to generate rental income or for investment purpose. Then set your financial limit so in future if you like any other property which doesn’t suit your pocket then you haven’t have to break your bank. You can see only those options which come near your set criteria.

Here in this post, we are revealing the pros and cons of the apartments and homes

Space- It’s obvious you will get more space in the home than an apartment. So if you are a party lover and one who loves big rooms, common areas, separate garage space, a garden area then you should buy a home. But if you have fewer members in the family then you should choose an apartment over a home. Apartments are comparatively smaller than homes.

Maintenance- Every property demands maintenance but unfortunately home demands more as the home is individual property you have to mow your garden, clean your garage and home space, it is completely your responsibility to take care of your home whereas apartments or flats have their building association which takes the monthly charges and does all the maintenance of the building all you have to just take care of the space in which you are living.

Security- Apartment buildings usually have their own security guards to maintain the security. Even many apartments have smart locks which get unlocked via card or code this tightens the security. But at home, you have to hire your personal security guard or install a smart security system which is considered as an additional expense.

Location- Definitely you have a location in your mind where you want to have your accommodation. But when it comes to buying a home where it becomes tough as it costs an arm and a leg. But in the same location, you can buy an apartment and there you won’t have to break your bank.

Privacy- Well, if you are a peace lover then home is the perfect place for you. As it is an individual property and neighbour’s walls are not that closely connected like in the apartment so no external voices can disturb you. Whereas in apartment neighbour’s wall is closely connected to one another it may happen their voices and noises can create a disturbance in your life which leads to frustration. You can only request your neighbours not to make noise you can’t put any restrictions on your neighbour.

Freedom to choose the style of your choice and renovation -Home grants you liberty to renovate the home you want. You can choose the style, colour inside and outside of your choice but if we talk about the apartment you can’t make any changes from outside and even for inside renovation we have to seek permission from the Apartment building association and other.

These are major points we have explained to make understand regarding both the options of accommodation. You can hire a residential property valuer to evaluate the residential property value and they can guide you which one is best for you.