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In business since 1997, Valuations SA Valuers are registered property valuers with the Australian Property Institute (API) and have the skills and knowledge to provide an accurate estimate of what your property is worth. They are not affiliated with banks or real estate agents so you can be assured that the valuation you receive is completely independent and an accurate representation of the value of your property.

Our Valuers can provide valuations on all types of property including: Apartments; Stand-alone house; Undeveloped land; Villas; Bungalows; Townhouses; Semi-detached house; Duplexes.

As all of our Valuers are Certified Practising Valuers with the Australian Property Institute (API) they all adhere to the API’s Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. As the property market is constantly evolving, our Valuers frequently participate in professional development programs through the API.

What’s considered when valuing a property?

To accurately value a property, numerous aspects need to be factored into the equation. Some of these aspects include, but are not limited to: The property’s age; The property’s architectural style for example Old Colonial, Victorian, Federation, Interwar, Postwar, Late 20th Century etc. The property’s condition including wear and tear; The size of the land; The proximity of the property to shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, public transport and other amenities etc.; The number of bedrooms; The number of bathrooms; The total number of rooms in the building; The total floor area in the property; The kitchen size; Renovation potential; Development possibilities; The layout of the property; The property’s accessibility such as if there’s stairs or a paved pathway etc; Supply and demand; Energy efficiency; Storage space; The suburb; Parking availability.

Why should you get a pre mortgage valuation?

After you’ve found a property you want to purchase, your lender will require a valuation before they give you unconditional approval. In most cases, the bank will have a bank valuer inspect your property. A bank Valuer will be conservative when valuing your property and will value it based on the current condition it is in so if there are incomplete renovations or the property is a mess that is likely to impact the value of the property.

When a bank valuer inspects your property they are valuing it based on a hypothetical situation that you could no longer make your mortgage repayments and they had to recover the funds to pay back the mortgage.

In some instances lenders will use an automated process to value your property. That is to say that the value of your property will be determined purely on numbers, where the value will be calculated based on previous sales and the area’s current listings. If the lender thinks the computer generated valuation is inaccurate then they will either conduct a desktop valuation where they research the area and then estimate your property’s value, or they will conduct their valuation from outside of your property. In other situations they will physically inspect your property.

Bank valuations are generally 10-20% below a market valuation. With LVR restrictions and lenders tightening their lending requirements, it’s in your best interests to get an independent valuation.

An independent valuation is completed by a qualified valuer who is not influenced by the borrower, seller, real estate agent or the bank. They are purely concerned with the market value which is an estimation of what the value of the property is. Unlike a bank valuation which is based on the current condition of the property, a market valuation considers the potential of the property and the present market conditions.

Why should you use Valuations SA?

Valuations SA only employees valuers that have gained a minimum of 15 years valuation experience so they’re accomplished valuers who’ve valued thousands of properties. Each of our Valuers are fully trained in compliance with the API and they only value properties in their local area, so not only do they have access to current and historical property information, they also know the key selling points of your suburb and the things that will influence the property’s value.

Valuations SA Valuers are not desktop valuers, nor do they have quotas to meet like bank valuers do. They will undertake a thorough valuation of your property by visiting it and inspecting it. Our Valuers will spend 15-20 minutes physically inspecting your property. They aim to inspect your property within 48 hours of you making an enquiry. After their inspection it generally takes them 3-5 business days to finalise their valuation inspection report.

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Valuations SA and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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