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Traits of a successful real estate investor

Real estate investment is a challenging business. The risk associated with this profession and the complexity of the business (as the property market fluctuate a lot) is high. To become a successful real estate investor you should have some traits which act as a driving force for your business and helps you to become a…

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What not to do – while hunting a home

Buying a home is everyone’s dream and an emotional decision which should be a rational one. Because of your single mistake while making the buying home decision can break you emotionally, financially and mentally. So to save you from all such future issues and hurdles here we are explaining you the most common mistakes a…

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Tips to start your real estate investment learning

Learning is an imperative and essential part of our lives and ideally,  it should be. As we all know ‘knowledge is the actual power’ and learning new things increases our knowledge. No matter in which industry you are and what work you do, you should invest your valuable time and efforts in learning something new…

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Tips to buy the right investment property

Putting your step on the property ladder is the unwieldy process. Being naive it becomes even hard. Though you have heard from many that buying an investment property is right and a good way to earn money. The right advice from property valuers Adelaide is essential as they know about the property world well. To…

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Pros of “Buying off the plan”

Well, there are many ways to invest in real estate properties. But if you are thinking to buy ‘Off-the-plan’ then be cautious. This is the riskier way of investment. Buying off the plan means investing money in the property which doesn’t even exist. Property Valuers Adelaide say- “Risks associated with this type of investments is…

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Myths related to the real estate industry, investment and property valuation

It is a quite real fact that investing money in real estate is riskier. But some people avoid investing money in real estate just because of popular misconceptions. To ensure that you don’t fall into that trap and to make your real estate investing – interesting and profitable. Here property Valuer Adelaide tried to throw…

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Points to remember while finding the real estate property comparables

Comparative market analysis (CMA) plays an important role while making real estate property decisions. Comparables act a basis of the real estate comparative market analysis which ‘serves as a tool’ or ‘acts as a guide’ for determining the value of the real estate property. Finding the comparables is not that easy. So here we are…

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Properties which are not suitable for house flipping

One of the easiest and quickest way to earn money and which is highly liked by the real estate property investors is via house flipping. Yes, house flipping helps the investors to earn high-profit margins in less time. For this, you need a low valued property, remodel it and sell it at a higher price…

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Keynotes to remember while buying a home

Buying a home is like dream comes true for many people. But handling that tag of the ‘homeowner’ is not that easy. It comes with tremendous responsibility. And one should be aware of that role and responsibility otherwise decision of having a home would become an albatross around your neck. To simplify the term –…

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House flipping do’s and don’ts

To make more money in quickest way real estate is the only sign of hope for the people. As it is easy to make huge money via home transactions. House flipping is the great way to become quick rich. All you have to buy a property do some decor and then sell it. But it’s…

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Decor your yard or patio to utilise your home’s outside space

We all focus so much to spruce up the interior of our homes but we often forgot to decorate our yards which increases the curb appeal of our homes. Most of the time we feel our patio and yards are of no use. But ideally the scene is different we aren’t using the way we…

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How to become a good tenant

Look at the homeowner’s side it is quite difficult to choose the best tenant among the applicants. As you are putting your home on rent you want the one who not only pays you rent on time but also possess good housekeeping skills. Overall you want your home to be in safe hands. Such as,…

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Here are the most common myths of property valuation

We all are aware of the fact that how property valuation is vital. From buying, selling of the property to paying property tax, property insurance premium, to decide the rental price property valuation is the must. If you have residential property go with the residential property valuation and for commercial property opt the commercial property…

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Know about Adelaide property market conditions

The housing market of Australia is completely affected and the downfall in housing prices is the clear indication of this. The property valuers and experts say – “The demand and supply put the direct impact on the property prices. The concept is clear when supply is high and demand is low the price of the…

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Know the reason why Perth property prices are tumbling

According to the expert property valuers the Perth property market is falling down and their experience can sense that – Perth property prices are not going to rise in coming months. They suggest the investors should invest wisely in the housing market as the time is crucial. It has observed that 24 percent price drop…

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Effective home maintenance tips to save your valuable resources, money, and energy

The era in which we are living needs comfort and luxury. We can’t live without an air conditioner for a minute. The modern appliance (without which we cannot survive) demands a high amount of electricity and the consumption of high energies lead to having high bills. With this, we not only have to pay big…

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Here are some tips to downsize your property

Your reason for downsizing can be any. It can be your children have started living in other city for job or career and you feel like your home is too big for you now, or it is getting difficult for you to manage your property, or you are in need of funds. You can shift…

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Home valuations: What no one is talking about

The only way to get the right price of your home on selling is to ensure your home priced flawlessly. It is vital to understand that your property price and value are the two different concepts. The value estimated for the property by the valuer is the property value. While the price at which the…

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Here’s why getting a pre-purchase inspection is worth it

There are many properties sold in Australia with defects that sellers are not aware of. Sometimes including major structural defects that can impact the health and safety of the buyers, their loved ones, or anyone else visiting the property. If there is a defect found in the property after the sale, it can cost a…

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Do’s and Dont’s of DIY when remodelling or decorating your home

Home renovation quickly adds a new flavour to your home. It not only uplift the value of your home but also makes it’s appealing and eye-catchy. There are certain do it yourself tips while renovating the home. Well, it is good to understand that you can’t do all the renovation tasks by yourself. So better…

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Which one is better: Apartment vs Home

When you are planning to buy a home then make sure to understand the real estate property market well, your budget and your requirement. Then only you should compare the options available to you. Look you have to make prudent decisions as buying a home is fulfilling your dream. You can hire a residential property…

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Elements that construct the commercial property valuation report

Commercial property is the one which is used for the making money, from where the businesses run to earn profits. The cost of the commercial property is always higher than the residential property, though both the properties are in the same area. This is evaluated by property valuation services. To get the loan against the…

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Know how to overcome from property fears which keeps you away from buying a new property

Buying a new home or a property is a big task. As a huge amount of money is involved in it and so the risk factor is high. This creates fear in the minds of the people. Cause spending the huge amount of the savings, with fluctuation in market conditions, high property cost, tedious and…

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Know why commercial property returns are high as compare to residential property

You might have heard a lot that – real estate property investment gives good returns. In this property valuers can help you to find the property valuations. But the question arises – in which property type we should invest to get maximum ROI. Before answering to this question, the property valuer will ask you what…

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Property Valuations: It’s not as easy as you think

Property valuation service, sometimes it is a need, sometimes it is want and sometimes it is an urgent requirement. What so ever is your reason of having property valuation services, you should know that – it is not that easy to evaluate the property’s worth. So much of information, calculations, experience, expertise, and professionalism is…

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What is the difference between residential & commercial property valuation.

The undeniable fact. Every property is different and used for various needs. Generally the properties are bifurcated in two ways commercial building and non-commercial building(residential buildings). The property valuation estimation procedure for these two can be different. Firstly, let us explain the – What do you mean by commercial buildings? The buildings that are occupied…

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